**** My Life

I hate everything I am and everything I'm surrounded by.im always ridiculed for the smallest mistakes in my family and pushed aside,then I'm told I'm a selfish person.im the base that everyone puts there problems on.they can't see it,but it shows through there actions.and then they wonder why I'm always on my own,why I never want to be close to this ignorant pathetic family.all I want is to disappear or just put a bullet through my head...yeah that'll be the day...no one cares,not as if I'm calling out for attention...no one would care.only if it was to their benefit..I'm so depressed..I've never felt anything else in my time and now I'm just questioning my existence.i was a mistake,my dis functional parents just decided to hump and have children without even thinking how they'd even support them.my life's full of abuse and neglect and I don't wish anything on the family,we're only human right?we all screw up from time to time..I can shed some empathy/sympathy for these people...I just...I just want it to end.i want my life to end.atleast In a cool way where I save someone's life in the process,then ill know all this time wasted wasn't for nothing.but till then I'm just dead weight.the universe is against me.i don't need sympathy or anything else.i just needed to vent.
Hitorikodomo Hitorikodomo
Jan 5, 2013