I think I am getting depressed but I am scarded to tell someone mostly every night I cry myself to sleep I feel stressed out I have so many thoughts in my head I feel lost in this world I always feel like I am not good for anything I also feel like everyone would be more happy if I wasn't born I feel like trash sometimes because I have never have had a boyfriend and I feel like I am going to be forever alone sometime I wonder why cant I do something with my life I hope I will feel better but everyday I am losing a little more hope :(
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

hey meow meow and fly, I'm a guy and trust me you aren't missing out on much :P . Those young teenage years are incredibly difficult, especially for girls. Let me tell you though that, not having or having a boyfriend does not determine your worth or desirability. You girls sound like you could use a friend, which is exactly what I am looking for as well so please send me an email if you just want someone to talk to. It would be cool if we could work through these things together!

Cheer up, young one ! You are very special, nobody on earth was born for no reason whatsoever. I assume you are a girl looking for a boyfriend ? It's great to have friends at your age but do not feel lonely or rejected if you do not have a boyfriend yet. It happens in it's own good time and until then, just smile and be happy and live your life, when people see that smile they will come to you on their own ! Find yourself something interesting to do, busy hands are happy hands. Put on some jolly music, dance on your own and don't care what other people think ! Read a few jokes, laugh out loud. All this works for me, that gloomy cloud just disappears. Good luck to you !