Im Basically Nothing

I dont know why but everyone hates me I try to be myself but all that comes from it is hatred. Everything that I once had that made me hapoy is now gone. I cant seem to make good grades no matter what I try. Im so unattractive I dont find anything good about myself or my life. Ive tried suicide but failed cutting just doesnt help anore what do I have to turn to I dont understand why I was put on this earth but I keep hoping that something good will pop up
Istherehope123 Istherehope123
13-15, F
3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I feel the same sometimes but I have never tried suicide or self-harm. Sometimes I'm really happy and sometimes I feel like I barely exist. I'm so shy i find it hard to talk to anyone so when in class we have to say something I find it so hard and feel like I'm being judged by everyone else, even if it's just saying yes to my name in the register. The only time I feel really loved is sometimes with my close family but especially when it's just me and my horse but I have back problems and will probably need surgery so I will soon have to sell him. I go to boarding school so I am alone quite a lot of the time studying I quite often just burst into tears and find it hard to sleep. Obviously, You have it alot worse then I do... I hope and pray that soon you will feel better and "something good willl pop up".

Thankyou for sharing I will continue to keep my head up im looking forward to a better tommorrow

Im 26 and life has its ups and downs I have tried suicide as well worked badly as well. Never got into cutting, the pain just intensified my emotional pain but with the age grp you are in I can def tell you that 12-16 is the worst age to be no one understands you and it feels like the world is against you that def changes I can promise you that. Keep your head up and regardless someone will love you for who you are.... I guarantee I am less attractive than you yet I have a wife (seperated) and a girlfriend both of which at this point I just want to run away from because they don't understand. I promise it will get better.