I Hate Myself So Much

I'm Unattractive and just gross. I hate myself so much I want to die. I can't do anything right in life.
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

quite amusing that you say you can't do anything right in your life and the first response you get tells you that you haven't even posted a comment right.

i have no idea what you look like but i know how you feel. i'm sitting here wanting to get my life started again, just do something, anything. but then i think about what i am so i light another cigarette and watch a bit more television, that way i'm not thinking about, well me.

i would love to have a time machine and go back in time and put things right, but i can't. so you i have two choices carry on with life and hope things will get better, that things will change, that i'll change, or carry on smoking myself to death or until i get the courage to do something more drastic.

At the moment doing nothing just dreaming things were different and smoking myself to death whilst letting my life pass me by is winning. I've read so much about motivation and how to change i'm a bit of an expert but yet when it comes to it that indescribable depressing, sinking, ****** feeling wins everytime.

the answer to your problem is get out there meet people, good people, they're the only ones that are going to make you feel good about yourself. I hope you can do it before you reach the stage that i am at.

This doesn't give me much to work with... I won't believe that you're unattractive because you've given me no basis to believe it'd true or not. "We are our own worst critique"... You may think you're gross but others will have their own opinions on that matter.
And please don't think about death.
You'll have to tell me a bit more details, if I can help you. I can't believe that anyone can't do anything right; we're here for a purpose, that alone means that we're doing something right by being here.