The Girl Trapped Inside

I'm 18 years old soon to be 19 i have severe anxiety and depression. i have scars from cutting so deep and memory issues from swallowing to many pills. i cry myself to sleep at night and my body aches. I used to be so happy but than my dad cheated on my mom twice and i had to tell her because im the one who caught him. Some of my best friends walked out on me and told me that i needed to change i tried changing who i was and i tried to be who everyone wanted me to be but that i lost who i was. Than i met my boyfriend and i did i fell in love i let him in i trusted him. Than something in him changed he started drinking and lying to my face and he started cheating on me. He stopped putting me first and came out and got drunk and told me he had no respect for me. he has also hit me a couple time. now i just am worn to thin i have not felt this low in a VERY long time. i have no one to talk to because my mom just automatically assumes the worst in me. my best friends think im weak for being with him. than they dont even let me finish the conversation before they jump down my throat about there problems. i just want to lay in my bed and never get up just lock my door and not let the world in. no one can hurt you if your alone right? so why do i keep trying
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

No one can hurt you when you are alone... This is true... But you're already hurt and no one can help you if you're alone, either. You're emotional wounds are raw and getting more and more irritated, rather then being treated and healed...
Let others get the chance to heal you; it's a risk, but that's what life is all about.
I can be here for you to talk to. I will be here for you and I will listen. I will offer my support in any way I can. Don't lose hope.