What's Wrong With Me?

My friends always ignore me when I greet them.When I want to make friends with others,they stay away from me.I don't know why and I hope I can read their mind.I always feel lonely in school and even at home.No one wants to talk to me.I hate myself for being stupid and useless.I don't feel comfortable to talk to them and I don't know what to say.They are so close with each other.Why I can't be like one of them? I really feel hurt.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

They are not your friends then. You are referring to a very small group of people who are obviously disillusioned. I faced the same problem in my high school years. I lost all my friends because a few people didn't treat me well and disliked me. But then I found the right group of people who are nice and more similar to my values. I found the right kind of friends. But I became my own friend too. I learned to not be dependent on others to make myself feel good. You are a good person. Believe in that. You are your own unique person. You don't have to be like them. Be better than them. Be a good person who is accepting of others and respects others. If you were to encounter someone who is uncomfortable in a social setting, you will be able to help them because you went through the experience yourself. That's your strong point. So believe in yourself and focus on the good points of your present life.