Why Cant I Just Be Like Everyone Else!?

Everyone I know always gets straight a's in school and has awesome parents and family. Tonight I lost my English homework and I had it 2 hours ago. Its not fair! And then I'm hated in school because I suck at every subject and because I'm just not popular. I have 8 friends at the most out of 1000. My parents always stress me out because they mock me to make me feel even worse like "oh I'm so over worked" or "I hate my parents" even though I dont hate them or feel over worked. I'm just so tired of being a failure. My brother is going into the army and they're so proud of him but they're never proud of me. I'm so tired of being so useless! I dint wanna die but I'm starting to think I was a mistake.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 10, 2013