Feeling Terrible Right Now

Okay so it's Friday night and I'm in my room on ep. I have friends not a lot but some but we never do anything outside of school. I don't have a boyfriend which sucks and I'm just a loser so that's why I'm why I'm here alone. Both my brothers are gone and I'm just here crying cause I hate myself. I'm tired of being the fat, ugly, shy, loser girl that nobody likes. I just want to have a life.
Maddison1111 Maddison1111
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Just look around you bebie..not everyone is perfect. We all are imperfect in a way.
Being a nurse i have seen people with lots of disabilities but still trying to put their best foot forward.

Its just our deeds and behavior which make lovable or not. Just try to be best in your behaviour, studies and everything you do. Believe me you will not only earn friends, or boyfriends but true friends
PS - Also start working on your weight. Why not join a gym or do some skipping. Am sure everything is possible with a positive approach :) Keep rocking my lil Princess