Can't Stop Hating

10 reasons why I hate myself:

1. I hate myself for pushing things to go so fast as to end up losing it!

2. I hate myself for being so confused all the time...

3. I hate myself for pitying everybody and sleeping with them even though I feel nothing for them. It is like I am trying to cheer them up by sleeping with them, some kind of stupid social service!

4. I hate myself thinking there will not be somebody worthy of me willing to love me. It seems everybody just bloody wants to sleep with me and nothing more!

5. I hate myself for saying the wrong things at the right time!
6. I hate myself for being so soooo damn submissive!
7. I hate myself for being perpetually apologetic and always taking the initiative of patching things up despite not being on the wrong side.

8. I hate myself for having no self-respect or dignity and behaving like a bloody emotional fool fighting my morality against my wild desires!
9. I hate myself for bitching about people or just even complaining about people and then looking like a vamp myself!

10. I hate myself about the way I look and talk as if I am always inviting people to come flirt with me or dropping wrong signals while in reality am not actually doing that!
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Jan 15, 2013