GOD why won't you talk to me? The Bible said your always there for us ALWAYS. So where are you now? Doesn't seem like you even exist. And I know I'm supposed to have faith that your there instead of having to see you. Well I'm getting real tired of having faith in you and it's hard for me to say that. I want so badly to believe in you but you haven't comforted me or talked to me or shown me anything. I don't need to hear your divine voice coming from some shining light of my room, no but I need something. You can send a ******* bird through my window I don't care as long as I know your there somehow. Can't you see I've been hurting all this time praying to you all these years. And have you answered my prayers? **** no you haven't God, I don't need much but without that little bit of something I hate myself. I can't live with myself. Every time I'm by myself I get angry. Every time I'm alone to think about my life I want to just AAAAUUUGGHH I don't even know. Well yea I do but I can't do it so I just have to endure living with myself and only myself everyday. This website is the first true friend that I can talk to. Now that's ****** up
Secondplacepunk Secondplacepunk
18-21, M
Jan 17, 2013