I Really Hate Myself

I can't stop feeling that I hate myself. All I feel is that I'm totally worthless. Looking at my life as an outsider I can see that I've got so many things others only wish to have. Still being me doesn't feel good. As me, I hate myself deeply & passionately. I do hurt myself sometimes. I only want things that I can't have. Sometimes I feel like I'm living the life of somebody else, anybody else but me. I don't know what to do because I can't hold on & I cant go on. I'm so close to naught.
SoullessMe SoullessMe
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I understand!!!

Im sorry you feel this way, I know what its like tho. I dont really have an opinion of my self now but when.i was younger I used to tear myself appart just by thinking how I was ugly ,usless, or stupid I was. and I know you cant control it, but what seemed to make things better for me is keeping your mind busy. The more you think the worse you make it. Try and find a hobbie to keep you busy. that was when I started playing guitar and drums. if you want someone to talk to dont be afraid to message/ friend me

Don't be. I know that that's much easier said than done but hurting yourself is gonna make things worse. You are worth something. There are people who do love you. Look at yourself. You have SO much potential. You CAN achieve great things. Everyone could. Even you. Use this experience to make you stronger. Let no one tell you you can't do anything. Just try, to make a change. You'll be surprised at what could happen if you only try.