I Want To Trust Me That I Hate

I am an introvert being , i cant spell anything, and everything within my feeling.

I am foolish, i am sensitive, i am full of mistake.

Because of this thing its hard for me to find someone to talk!

Because of this people used me as a joke!

Because of this people fool me around!

Even the one that i trust, looking me down, using my as a Joke,

when i try to talk my insecurities they loath me!

I feel that i am not accepted, i feel worthless, felling like nothing, i am feeling empty

I never ask to be Me.

I never ask to be Exist.

I Hate My self!

but i want to be Me... as myself

I want to trust myself

and i want someone who can accept me and treat me as myself
not as a joke nor Irony
blackravencat blackravencat
26-30, M
Jan 19, 2013