I Hate Myself Because...

I hate myself because I made a stupid mistake that ruined my whole life. I lost my bestfriend and its all my fault. :( I miss her so bad but I'm to scared to talk to her now. I know she doesn't care anymore but I don't blame her. I was a idiot for doing what I did. I have no one to talk to anymore. Please pray for me! :'(
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

not many guys take responsibility. Admiting that you were wrong is a big step forward. Don't appologize its sign of weakness ( you don't want to look weak infront of her) but do have some balls to admit to her you were wrong and it's down to a person really whether she'll forgive you or not. I was hurt by a guy who pretended to be my friend and who used me - when I texted him and confronted him. He was telling everyone I was stalking him. I shared a secret with him trusting him thinking he was a genuine friend, seeking his advice and help when I had hard times he told everyone at work. All my personal stuff was put for everyone to discuss and then he helped the girl at work who was jelouse of me to set me up and get rid of me . i've lost my job, i had no money to pay for my Uni, I couldn't afford food and nearly ended up in the street. Karma is a ***** however, he wanted to go in the army and he broke his arm just before his last chance to apply. It was his ultimate dream...I guess he freaked out coz he called me a few month later to appologize as he said "for everything", said he felt really bad for treating me badly and all, and then added "but it's not my fault " lol. I can't forgive him and I never will, not after "everything", the only way I was able to let go is by deciding that he's dead. The person, a friend I so deeply cared about didn't exist in the first place anyway, it was all just an act, there was no friendship - there was no reciprocity whatsoever. if you didn't behave the way he did ( like a ****) you might have a chance mate ! I wish all the best x

My friend of 30+ years stopped speaking over something stupid. Our silence lasted 2 years until I couldn't take it anymore. I mailed her a card on her birthday extending an olive branch - she emailed me, we communicated that way for awhile and now we are up to lunch 1-2 times a month and we get together a couple times a year. It's not the same as it was, but we're friends again and I'll take it. You can do it!

The only way to correct it is to gather up the courage to talk to her. What do you expect praying to do? It's up to you to make things right. If she doesn't accept your apology, then you have to move on to find new friends.