I Hate Being Me !

so far my life is a mess, i have no reason to live accept from falling all the time,
all i can say about my life now is : LIFE IS A ****, AND I CANT GET OVER WITH IT" i'm so sensitive in everything, just like i wanted to kill myself for no exact reason!! i just want to die and get lost! tired of all the bullshits and the games playing around me ! i feel always hopeless like no one can save me! i even hate school and the people out there including myself!!!!!!!!!

i don't wanna live like this.
Theodorpe Theodorpe
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

You will not believe me when I tell you that most adolescent go through a phase when they hate themselves,they slowly wake up to the world and see things they do not like,mostly if they are sensitive as you appear to be,you have such a lot to give,because you are sensitive and have a sense of fair play,you will have a lot to offer,the world need you,you are here of a reason,you have a destiny to fulfill,the world would not be the same without you because you can make such a difference and so much contribution,those who do not care do not feel the hurt you feel,the hurt that open your eyes to the suffering around you and make you such a valuable member of society with a task to fulfill,is there a school counselor you could talk to about the pain you feel? you need support with this.You appear to have great insight for one so young,just think of the contribution you will make and the people you will help,they could not do without you. Hugs and take care.

You're so young...things are going to get better! You've just got to keep hanging in there and not give up! If you ever want someone to talk to, send me a message :)