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Sometimes yes sometimes no.  i have lupus so my body hates itself.  my body is bascially attacking healthy cells.  i just happened to get the real bad end of the lupus stick.  sometimes i can get back to my old brash self.  and be boisterous and what not but there are times when i start hating myself because i get so weak and sick and there are the operations that i have to go through.  i am still a young woman but when i have my three year old god daughter with me, they mistake me for her grandmother.  i guess it is my fault for letting my self go in the first place.  like i said sometimes yes, sometimes not
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I have heard that Lupus is hell to live with and God bless you I need to remind myself that I am not the only person in the world suffering from Chronic Pain.<br />
I wish you peace.

My 65 year old aunt, soon to be 66, almost died of lupus 40 years ago. She had just given birth to her second child, and after a bad dentist appointment, she became very sick. She spent almost a year in the hospital, being sick, then getting a little better, then getting even worse. My dad told me that he really was afraid of her dying, but he was going to help her fight. He spent almost everyday, for that whole year sitting next to her, lying next to her, telling her stories, talking about his life, talking about her children. She slowly beat it. <br />
She is now the strongest woman I now. I mean she still gets a little sick, but she has been through so much to be where she now that is my hero. I am now on my way to florida for her 3rd child's wedding, to sit by her, and hold her hand and she sees everything she ever wanted in her life become true.<br />
<br />
If this could happen to my aunt, then have faith it could happen to you.


Please don't beat urself up for letting urself *go*!! Lord i have too, BUT i am not fighting lupus. You probably don't want sympathy over this fact so instead i APPLAUDE you for having a very POSITIVE outlook on life. I fear if it ewere me, i'd be having a 24/7 pity party. Bless you!!