I'M So Alone I Hate Myself For It :C

i don't have any friends and all i really have is my boyfriend. but he calls me names all the time. he called me a mardy b**ch. when he tells me to do something i do. eg- change my hair colour. he even told me to go on anti depressants because i'm too depressive for him.
yet he says he loves me?
i see him once a week if i'm lucky. he tells me he's more bothered about me than his friends but he ditches me and lies to me about being busy or that he can't make it, which he's lied to me plenty of times before. then he tells me all i do is moan moan moan and that i can't take anything. i didn't see him for 3 weeks excluding last week. and he said he prefers to see me today but has gone out with all of his so called friends.
he ignores my texts for hours on end when he's with them but when he's with me he replies to them at least 40 percent of the time.

i'm always alone on the weekends and i have nobody to talk to or hang with except him if i get to see him and he makes me feel worse making other plans.
he knows that i have mental health problems and he says he understands and wants to comfort me yet he does all this? and if he understands how come when i need comforting he stops texting me and doesn't come down when he says he will?

i can't finish him. he's my first love. but i don't know what to do because he never used to be like this with me :'(
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2 Responses Jan 26, 2013

thank you so much for the advice you're so kind! i'll try talk to him about it. it means so much that you took the time out to right this! many thanks! c: xo

Girls shouldnt take that from guys, especially your first. Your first boyfriend is supposed to be kind and sweet and caring an considerate about your health and what you need. If he ignores you and calls you names you shouldn't be with him. You think you love him now, but trust me you will get over him. He's taking advantage over you because he knows your not in control. You need to tell him if he wants the relationship to work he has to change. Ive gone through this with my girlfriend when I was your age. We both have our differences, but if he really loves you he will be more than happy to try. Don't let anyone tell your a *****, anyone. Your not some guys doormat, your his girlfriend and he should respect that. Talk to him about how you feel. I hope everything works out for you, you deserve better.