Love Hate Relationship

Somedays I am full of myself while most others I wish I was anywhere, anyone but here locked in this body, in this life that is known as mine. Over-weight, over-eating, rude ***** and decieving. Those are the words that come to mind when the mirror faces me from time to time. I need to change it because no one else see all the pain this causes inside of me. Why must I breathe the air that I do, why must I be a size 22...?
kassmarie kassmarie
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 27, 2013

Hello kassmarie,I ran across your post tonight.I don't believe in "coincidence".I believe the spirit guides us.When I read your letter.I felt your pain.I am familiar with pain and I'm here to tell you,you're young and you can lose the weight,please don't be discouraged,OK?I know how easy it is to look around and say "How did I get to this place",but the truth is when we find ourselves in a place,there's always a way out.After all we found our way into the place,right?Trust me young one when I say this ,"There is NOTHING Impossible for you nor I. I hope you are feeling better.God bless and encourage you with warm embraces always.XO

Why are you rude and deceiving, do you think?

I am a b I t I c h &+ if I need to lie to avoid issues I wilk no hesitation, I shouldn't do that.