I Am So Angry. And Terrified.

I am so angry that life is so damn hard and I have to try so hard to be positive every single freaking day of my life. I don't know how to fix things. I know what the problem is but I'm scared that the answer they tell me won't work. Then what will I do???

I need to love me. I need to accept me. But how? Is it by doing "loving" actions? Will that teach my soul/spirit/whatever that I am worthwhile? Or by reciting positive affirmations forever? Or by forcing myself to believe in Jesus or Kwan Yin? Or by choosing not to care or love people anymore? Maybe if I become (or pretend to become) a love addict teacher I could learn everything I need to know, maybe that will help....

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3 Responses Jan 27, 2013

thanks for sharing

I hear you. I've struggled with self hate as well. I've tried the affirmations, etc. A professional such as a psychiatrist or counselor is my most effective help so far. The money is the main issue for people. I get it. But what's more important than my mental health?

that's true...and counselling does help somewhat but some places don't have many therapists etc...have you checked out a book called Feeling Good by Dr Burns? A therapist recommended it years ago and it's saved my life a few times