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It is so hard to breath as the hate I have for myself is enormous. I want a loving relationship and cannot tell if they guy I like is playing me for a fool and laughing at me or if there is a chance.

It may sound stupid but life is about connections. Those connections with family, friends, loved ones and I am all alone. I was married and my husband slept with other women. Matter of fact, my husband was promising to marry another woman while married to me. When I found out, he gets angry. Now a guy decides to approach me but his way of doing it was in telling me "he would do me". What kind of relationship is that? So, now he flirts with me and he plays with my emotions. This hurts me because he is the one who made all these attempts to get my attention, then when I finally respond he is won't even see me.
chloea1 chloea1 36-40 1 Response Jan 29, 2013

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your too beautiful, if you know yourself as a nice caring romantic person never stop fighting for the same in return or you will never be truly happy x