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To Vent.

Today I feel replaceable.
Today I feel like a fake.
Today I woke up whimpering.

If there is such a thing as self value, and if it is attainable, how does one achieve that when all has fallen apart? When your life is such a mess and the jadedness of it all takes over? When the people around you don't care, do you mask it? Simply smile and play pretend.

Today I am exhausted with myself; with life.

CouleursDeMoi CouleursDeMoi 22-25, F 1 Response Feb 2, 2013

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I mirror these feelings. I have never ever been at such a complete loss with the way I feel about myself and everything around me. The best part......I'm going it alone, abandon by many, putting on a front for others, and forcing half assed smiles. Somewhere along the way I laid my guns down, there's no more fight left in me, I'm stuck in neutral. When, where, and what the hell happened to me?
I know how you feel

I'm so glad someone does. The worst part about most people is that they typically delude themselves into thinking that things will get better.

Is it a bad thing that I just don't believe it will? Sure, we find a way to live with unresolved feelings and unanswered questions, or the hurt that some undeserving simpleton has left us with, but if it ever gets better, I don't think so.