I Hate Myself!

(I'm thirteen)

Positive (according to friends b/f):
•I'm tanned
•I have hair that people pay for in salons
•I'm cute
•I'm a good singer
•I'm thin
•I'm cute when I'm tickled
•I have straight white teeth
•I have soft skin
•My toes are cute

Negative (what I see)
•I'm fat
•I'm spotty
•I'm too ticklish
•I have loads of cuts on me (self-harm)
•My singing is too powerful
•I only own tank tops apart from school uniform (armpits are exposed too much, extremely ticklish)
•I hit people too hard (I'm too strong but not strong enough to escape from restraints
•I'm stupid
•I'm ugly
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5 Responses Feb 2, 2013

I'm the exact same... Except everyone thinks I'm annorexic, I think I'm fat.

I agree with loserwastedlife

On being fat = you can loose weight, and also being fat does not mean unattractive.
On being spotty = spots can be very attractive and to some people spots are too arrtactive.
On have cuts = you are like a warrior who has fought many wars and the scars are remanent of the victory
On being stupid = you may be absent minded but that is not being stupid it is being cute and loveable..
On being ugly = if you are thing, have hair to die for, and have spots, you are axtuallt very pretty.
Got ii? so, go out there and rock the world beautiful.

At least you have some positive stuff (according to your friends, anyway) ^-^ Just think about me:
- I am fat
- I am short
- I am not fair
- I have okay teeth
- I have small eyes
- I have big thighs
- I forget too soon
and many more, but still, I try not to think much about them ;D
Well, you shouldn't think much about them too :] Its what you have to feel on the inside, anyone can be beautiful on the outside, and only few are beautiful on the inside :] If you accept you for who you are and how you are, I'm sure you'll be totally positive about yourself ^_^

Think happy, and you'll be happy, good luck!

And you are not alone. I do not know how to gain self confidence because I believe that there is no such thing, but I do think you could find beauty in your personality, and focus on shaping how you feel rather than how you look. If you see yourself as fat but you know your thin, tell your mind to buck off and accept who you are. Of course we all become displeased about our image one way or another, we are human after all. I'm not sure if this helps or not, I hope it does though.