I Hate My Life For The Way It Is

I always wanted a good education...and to be successful and to have lots of friends in school who would respect me....but unfortunately its just not that way...all my life i just wanted a good education and for my family to be strong and happy but everything turned upside down in my school and family life...ever since i was a baby i had epiliepsy and i always had to battle it till now ( im 14) So thats about 14 yrs i had epiliepsy... its sad because i cant do many normal things people can do like go swimming alone.. i have to go with a family member or friend because if my epiliepsy happens i need someone with me to rescue me...but thats not the main issue... the main issue is that my whole life is ruined because i dont have a normal family... my mother and father got divorced when i was 3 yrs old and ever since they got divorced my mom has been raising my older brother and me... everytime when i was little and i asked my mom when my dad was coming, my mother would close her eyes and cry in her room quietly because she wanted my dad here in canada with us but he never wanted to come...i never seen my dad for 11 yrs now, i wish i could a father next to me to be proud of me to love me to understand me...i have also been feeling extremly depressed because my older brother and mom constanly scream and yell at each other, at school my grades are dropping, ive been bullied.
Solveiga Solveiga
13-15, F
2 Responses Feb 5, 2013

I am sorry for your situation with your father. My father skipped town while my mother was pregnant. I've been bullied too. What you are going through is some serious stuff. But ultimately there's a lot in your life that can be decided by you. A lot of people are still very successful despite family issues. I think you should talk to an adult that you can trust about the bullying. I hope your dad is paying some form of child support, if he isn't that isn't right.