It Gets Into Me

I can't help hating myself when others hate me.  When I have to be in the company of someone who hates me and I can't get away from them (at work) the hate just gets into me.  That's why I cry a lot.

Tibicina Tibicina
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Thanks for your comment Balamvucub. I was working in a very hostile environment when I wrote this story and was in deep depression because of it. The situation ended in me losing my temper with one of the bullies I was working with and losing my job because of it. I am now in another job and things are much better. I acquired a really good friend through this bad experience who was there for me in my time of need, and I have since learnt that God does not see me as people see me - He loves and delights in me - yes, even me! He is a good God who is always in a good mood and who sees the good in all of us and our potential, rather than seeing us in a negative light as many people do.

Tibicina, You, Are You, if Another Human Being Cannot,or Will not Accept You for You being Your Self,then it is They who have the Problem. They suffre from a Heart Problem,in that They have not Learned What Love is. Although I am not a 'Christian, I am Familier of Christ Sayings concerning One aught to 'Love His Neighbor' as he would 'Love' Him Self. Please Do Not Hate Your Self. You Are A Much Valued Living Being From The Heart of Our Creator-GOD, Who Has Created ALL THINGS From nothing,Including Your Self. Rejoice in Your Knowledge That You Are a Creation from the Most High.Because-You Are!