Melting Pot

I really have no reason to hate myself, but I do in every aspect of my life. I feel childish like a spoilt teenager, I cant get a job, learn to drive or any of the things most people take for granted through fear and feelings of failure. I want to do somthing about it but i dont really know whats wrong with me and why I feel like I do. My family need me but I feel useless. I dont feel depressed just pressure to succeed.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Be glad to have a family who wants and needs you. Not everyone has that. I know my adoptive family doesn't want me. It has like that awhile

I've been in a situation just like you but you need to make yourself proud before you can expect others to. We all have a purpose its just that some of us take longer to find out out what it is. <br />
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Become someone who takes actions don't feel sorry for yourself because trust me that won't help. <br />
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The fact that your family needs you is the purpose why you have to make an effort it should also show you that your not useless your WANTED