You wouldn't know since you don't know me. So don't try to tell me what to feel about myself when you don't even know who I am.

I just hate it when people tell me, "I know how you feel."
HOW CAN YOU? How can you know how I feel when sometimes, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT MYSELF!

The feeling of self-loathing can't be shared by others. Sure, some of you may be experiencing, or experienced the hate you feel towards your very own being, but no one can really know what you feel but yourself, and sometimes not even that is possible.

There are many reasons for self-hate... Maybe it's because of your past, the present, your actions, your decisions... Your existence... Who knows.... No one really knows... Not even yourself.
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We Carry This Knowledge Every Day –
*** 2:11 For The Grace Of God That Bringeth Salvation Hath Appeared To All Men,
Jesus Is Our Sin Bearer.
1pe 3:18 For Christ Also Hath Once Suffered For Sins, The Just For The Unjust, That He Might Bring Us To God, Being Put To Death In The Flesh, But Quickened By The Spirit:
B. Jesus Is Your Sacrifice. –
Be Hold The Lamb Of God, Which Takes Away The Sins Of The World.
Eph 1:7 In Whom We Have Redemption Through His Blood, The Forgiveness Of Sins, According To The Riches Of His Grace;
Jesus Is Your Forgiver – Father Forgive Them Col 2:13 And You, Being Dead In Your Sins And The Uncircumcision Of Your Flesh, Hath He Quickened Together With Him, Having Forgiven You All Trespasses
• Needs Food It Gets Strong By The Promises Of God
• Needs Hearing Environment Ish 11;12
• Or It Will Chew On The Negative- Invest In The Mind
• Need Pictures Turning Goals Into Picture- Self talk Conversation- God’s World Contains Faith Needs Protect The Mind -Its Fragile -Have trouble With Mind,
• Mind Keeps Track -No Body Sees What You Experience
• Feed On psalms 119, 91 37 Wash The Mind, Absorb We Succeed With The Mind, A Focus An Instruction, Judas And John Has The Same Mentor
• We Can Have A Relationship With God But Not Through The Law.
• Talk Your Way Out, Sow Your Way Out A Walking Ware House Of Seed- by the words bought to us from heaven. Jesus bought it to us. it Leaves The mouth And Goes Into The Future.

People know to some level on how you feel.
And as for the self hate thing, anyone who hates themselves knows why. Can be the tiniest thing. I know why I hate myself. I get into trouble...I've been told I'm a dangerous person because some of my decisions were terrible. I nearly died, I've been raped, I've lost friends, lost boyfriends.. All Because of the very unhealthy choices I made that could have been avoidable. I hate my body weight, I hate that I'm a pushover, I've even turned to cutting and burning myself in the past as"punishment" for myself. That's a vey unhealthy level of self hate.

Yes, I know the feelings of some of reasons for self-hates that you've mentioned... I've done and experienced some of it.-And I hate myself for it.. But those aren't the real reason why I hate myself to the core.... I guess if I really did know why I hated myself, the main reason for hurting myself because of it... My existence.

What I think it is, you can correct me if I'm wrong. But what I think is that you're unhappy in life. Something is holding you back to what you truly want to be happy about. Perhaps living conditions, social issues, or life in general. It's like you're in this deep hole, thinking it's totally hopeless to find something to look forward to, and the way you vent that frustration, is towards yourself. This self hatred towards your very existence. I kept finding things to help myself to get myself out of that hole, and still struggle with life. But I keep going. And I ended up liking myself a bit more, little by little. And then realizing life isn't as bad as I thought.

Yes, this really helps a lot... I do have something that I really love to do, something that helps me cling to whatever love I have left for myself... Drawing... But it's really hard to try and get yourself out of that hole when not even your family support what you love, and they force you to do something you hate- even when they know it... But i'll keep what you said in mind. Thank you :)

I'm glad to help:) I also really love to draw, and that always calms me down whenever I have a bad day:)

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