How many people out there who suffering with all conditions sleep disorder / social anxiety and chronic depression !
Are we enough still strong to facing ourself collapsing day by day ' i buried my all wishes , desires , dreams nothing left in heart but still feeling load dnt know why may be its darkness much loaded on all of above ? Drop you re suffers ??
ProSolitude ProSolitude
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

I try to stay positive. If not I'm just depressed all the time. But I'm not giving up. I might be weak in some fields, but I'm strong when it comes to fight my depression and my social anxiety. Just this week I had to play a concert three days in a row in front of strangers. But I got through it. It got positive reviews. And that gave my positive thinking quite a boost. So now I'm just relaxing and being happy. Last weekend I wasn't. Now I am. This proves that we, who suffer from different diagnosis, have to take it day by that. And really cherish those good ones. Really make the best out of them. At least that's how I see it :) But thinking bad thoughts all the time isn't helping. Usually with me, that happens if there's nothing to do. As soon as you're alone and you've got nothing to do, those bad thoughts appear. So being active helps :)