I hate myself and how cruel and inhuman I am... but people say im nice... if only they knew how evil i really am.... i want to die....
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We Carry This Knowledge Every Day –
*** 2:11 For The Grace Of God That Bringeth Salvation Hath Appeared To All Men,
Jesus Is Our Sin Bearer.
1pe 3:18 For Christ Also Hath Once Suffered For Sins, The Just For The Unjust, That He Might Bring Us To God, Being Put To Death In The Flesh, But Quickened By The Spirit:
B. Jesus Is Your Sacrifice. –
Be Hold The Lamb Of God, Which Takes Away The Sins Of The World.
Eph 1:7 In Whom We Have Redemption Through His Blood, The Forgiveness Of Sins, According To The Riches Of His Grace;
Jesus Is Your Forgiver – Father Forgive Them Col 2:13 And You, Being Dead In Your Sins And The Uncircumcision Of Your Flesh, Hath He Quickened Together With Him, Having Forgiven You All Trespasses

I get what you are talking about
I don't really have anything to make you feel better but if you want to talk I'm here

Just have fun being Evil. Not many people are pure evil. It makes you fairly distinct. **** society. Embrace the power of the dark side.

What if she doesn't want to be evil? Because being evil is not good..............