I Hate Everything About Me

I hate the way I laugh. I hate the way air enters in and out my chest. I hate the way I smell. I hate the way people look at me -- F***K you! I hate the smell of my apartment. I hate touching. I hate the way I can not get off my ***. I hate that I can not think a clear thought. My life sucks and my life is not worth living -- I hate that I can not end my life. I am worthless and I am completely unlovable. I wont be a sheep. I wont no matter the magnitude of hate I have for each molecule that makes me a being, I would rather splatter my rainbow cells across the ceiling than become one of you, wretched, stinking, wining, sightless sheep... I hate myself, but I hate you more. I hate the stench of humanity and I hate that I am stuck in this oozing cesspool of inevitable death....

Isabeth Isabeth
26-30, F
Mar 6, 2009