Why I Hate Myself?

If you really knew me then you wouldnt like me much either. Im just a fugly, lazy, selfish, pointless, pathetic, waste of time, air and space.

I dont deserve any of the good things I have. like my family, they deserve so much better than me.

pine90apple pine90apple
18-21, F
5 Responses Mar 24, 2009

As long as you realized that then you can improve yourself to be better person. <br />
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Wish you the best!

There is a reason you have the family you do

...friends like family, true friends see u as a person, ure characteristics, not ure appearence...ure family loves u and u love them back...ure not alone, but being ure own worst critic, u automatically bring ureself down...its not that way...*hugs*...keep holding on...

Neither of you are those things....I know you feel that way, but you're not. The fact that you are here means you have a purpose, you can't see it yet...but I know you'll see it someday. Stay strong.<br />
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I am that way now. Lazy, selfish, argumentive, waste of space and air. <br />
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So I tried sucide many times. Burnign self, freezing self, cutting self, starving self even!! none worked everytime I was stoped!