My Life Is Over

i am a huge piece of **** and my life is rapidly falling apart. i used to make a lot of money, now i barely get by. i used to have alot of friends, now i just have a couple aquaintences. i used to be close to my family, now i barely speak to my mother. i used to be attractive and funny, now my hair is falling out and i am morbidly depressed at all times.

it is to late to do anything. i am 31 years old. my girlfriend left me and i have no friends. the only thing that brings me comfort is booze. i drink alone in my garage everyday and am totally paranoid. i want to kill myself. i just want to die. i hate myself so much. so many bad decisions. life fail.

fallingdown fallingdown
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Dear fallingdown,<br />
31 is not old by any means. Not by anyone's standards, unless you're in high school or younger. Certainly not too late to start over. Grab yourself by the scrot and make some changes. Shave your head if your balding bothers you. Women find that sexy. When you meet someone new, fake being happy. Thats right, I said fake it. The "fake it till you make it" philosophy has gotten me through alot worse things than just what you describe here. Dont give away your sadness. People dont want to outright befriend someone that will drag them down. Become their friend first, and then they will support you and help you through your troubles.<br />
You're still a funny guy Im sure, you just need a reason to find humor in things again. Its like a muscle. Try being funny with your acquaintances, and even if you fall flat, keep trying and it will soon come easier.<br />
If your relationship with your mother brings you unhappiness, and she is willing, change it. She is your mother. Start by telling her of your struggles and asking for her support.<br />
I also recommend quitting the booze but that is probably way too hard to do until you dont need it as a crutch anymore. Help the pieces of your life fit into place and you'll soon see there is no more room for something that is a permanent downer. No wonder you feel so depressed.<br />
You dont get a fail at life until its over naturally and you wasted it, or you take it yourself, and waste it.<br />
Oh, and here's a big cyber hug too. Hopefully knowing other people care will be the first step in caring about yourself again.