No Feelings Sometimes

Though in my opinion everybody hates themself at one time or another I have for a long time hated myself.

I have stopped hurting myself but sometimes the urges are still there to do it again. To go back to that way of dealing with pain and misery.

I feel no love towards most people. I just feel what others feel and they become my emotions. In other words my life.

I feel very little for men right now. No offense the times I have dated I loved it alot but both times I ended up getting hurt.

Whats the point of living anymore if you can't feel yourself?

Can someone tell me that?

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8 Responses May 17, 2009

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i hate my self too. the occasions that i dont are the times when im at peace or happy or whatever. so i try to forget hating me. push it out of my mind. its hard. not putting myself down helps. thats hard not to do aswell, cause altho they are negative thoughts i think they are so true. sometimes i just have to cry to just let it all out and when the new day comes im slightly better. thinking about nothing helps to. just sit/lie somewhere quiet and listen to your breathing. nothing else. or just stare at leaves or waves. think of nothing. focus everything on staring. God loves us. i dont think he could love me cause im so useless and everything else. but somehow i know its a truth. beyond my comprehension he does loves us. way beyond my comprehension.

think positive. just stay out of trouble. :)

I know. I am really nervous about today though. Wondering if I will get through it acutally without ending up hurt.

hang on, little sister tomorrow is another day. (((hugs)))

I do believe what people say bout me. But the thing is most of its negative. <br />
<br />
I have only gotten comments here that are positive

Yeah, I agree, no point whatsoever.<br />
So you pretty much have to start feeling something. Or finding something you love to do, for me it would be art, or music...doesn't have to be though, it could be anything. <br />
I don't agree that in order to love yourself you have to find God's love. I am an athiest, and although I'm not so arrogant to say I love myself, I do like myself overall. You have to believe other people when they compliment you, is one thing I would say. Why would they lie?

What is the point in living if you can't feel yourself?"<br />
<br />
I would ask this too, "what is the point in living if you cannot love yourself?" <br />
<br />
Everyone needs love, and in order to love yourself you have to find a way to receive love from God. Then you can love yourself, and finally as a result you will have love for others. And that love will help to end the numbness and the overwhelming sadness that is a part of life. It will overcome the pain and sadness will loose its power.