Abuse started when I was a pre-teen...  My story is long. 

 I  feel bad about myself all the time!  And, I don't understand because I am a good, caring person.

I got out of a bad, abusive marriage and after 3 years I thought I would be okay.  I am not..   I was AWESOME before I met this man who wanted to make me feel special.  He did, for a while..   Before we married he was so charming, I got flowers at work that were 2 feet tall.  He didn't really believe in marriage, but because I had kids I wouldn't just be a "live in".  We married. 

Now everything is a battle.  It is like a flash back to where I was.  Now I am thinking I would have been better off either staying with my X or just with me and my kids.

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2 Responses May 29, 2009

One of the wildest things about human nature is that we will frequently walk right back into the situations we thought we had left behind. That's why I signed myself up for therapy. I am hoping that I am less likely to go back into the same kind of situation that I had with my ex and wind up pregnant with no support.

It's amazing how 1 person can change your life forever