What The Crap

I'm weak, useless and always scared. I'm no good. It seems I can't change. I've lost all my motivation. My unhappiness is troubling everyone who's around me. I'm getting old. I'm not grown up. I'm aiming my anger to a person just because I love her. I can't find my way. I'm lazy if I have no guide. I shiver around people.

I HATE THAT SUCH A BLANK PERSON IS ME! I hate that person! I don't want to believe that's "me". I don't want to hate "myself"... but I SO do.

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1 Response Dec 2, 2009

You are being too hard on yourself. In fact you cant be that bad if you have someone by your side that must love you. Just think about it would you like it if people were saying that you are a horrid blank grumpy person to your face?If your answere is no then why are you telling yourself that over and over again? It's bound to make anyone depressed. Life is too short! Let go of your innabitions and dont let people get you down