I Feel Like A Loser...

..Its been about a year and a half since I graduated high school. Im not in college and I dont have a job. When I was in high school I wasnt thinking about college. I realize now what a mistake that was. Hopefully this year I will go to community college. It makes me feel really bad though. All my friends are doing something with their lives whether its school or working. Im the only one who isnt doing anything. I get so embarrased by it that I dont even call them anymore. I ask them how their doing and they tell me about classes and work and all I can say is ive done nothing. I just stay home everyday never going out. I really hope things turn around for me this year. Im tired of living like this.
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

well work sucks and college is overrated :) you just need some confidence in yourself, i dropped out of applying for uni and i know how you feel because i see everyone uploading photos of wild parties and stuff and im still at home, but i find things to do, and im going into a music academy instead so my advice would be just do the things you want to, ignore everyone that pressures you into doing pointless courses and stuff

hey i went through the same thing. you'll be alright. just follow ur dreams.

You just have to make it turn around. Get off your A** and do it! Don't mean to be rude neither, but who or what are you waiting for?