I disgust myself and everyone around me. People hate me and I don't know why. People come into my life and seem so wonderful, promise me many things and then they screw me over, I don't know why.  I want to know the answer to these things. I'm sick of being second best and being always less than the 'other' person. For once I want to be 'enough', I want to be wanted, understood and for someone to stick around. Or at least be honest with me (because obviously something is f*cked with me). But I must admit I understand, I would hate someone like me too.

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So far I like you...

seems that way

maybe we could love ourself if someone else did

I suppose so, but sometimes I wanna skip that part and be loved to love. If that makes sense

...And there lies your problem...You have to love yourself before you will truly allow yourself to be loved.

I can't see anything disgusting from here. Just a stormy view of a rather proud windmill, and a couple of sun rays breaking through the cloud...

not for me

well I must have too many

your too hard on yourself,eveyone has something "wrong"with themself