Why Love When You Can Hate?

Ever sence I was younger, I always hated the fact no matter what i did I always scarred people off and haveing my parents tell me i was different just because of a social disorder I have.I admit, I am ashamed of this disorder so ashamed i do not even want to admit it and I remember always staying up until the middle of the night just thinking about if others knew, how in the world they would react.I am now 14 and have been diagnosed on and off with it.

I always hate being that "Wierd Emo Freaky Chick" to everyone i hate it so much that i wrote a special journal/diary about how each and every one of them will die.I have impulses too and i think i am one of the top's in Rediculousness I hate it i can never say how i feel in words never ever. I also hate being the girl everyone looks down on and makes fn of just because of my history of being in the mental asylum which thank god never got out, yet for some reason i feel like everyone thinks i am crazy and i had people call me creeper and everything.

That pretty much sums it up, thank you for reading

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

You could be right, but i know i do not have the balls to sue them because i am a minor :'( and sorry for the late reply by the way

I think everyone has a disabillity and that the therapists are jst diagnosing everyone with the same diseases for cash, i do not even think i have this social disorder, because i have a couple of friends who supposedly have it too. Don't be ashamed of it, you might not even have it, most of these diseases have all similar symptoms, you know?

no, i'm sorry but i would rather not say..