No More

i dont like myself

i havent liked myself for a long time now

it probably started when i was diagnosed with my eating disorder

or maybe it was when i relapsed?

it could of been around the time the doctors classified me as depressed

or after i started school,

not living up to everyones expectations

just making them hate me


but you know what? i dont want to care, so i pretend to be happy

pretend to be interested in this ****** up life of mine

i pretend to love

try not to cry

cause if i do cry

those people who dont really care

who only pretend to care

will want to know whats wrong

what sick gossip they can spread

so **** this all 

plagued0g plagued0g
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Reading your story made me want to lift you up and carry you for a while to show you what life CAN be! The story really touched me, maybe because I used to be like this, maybe because I’m a brother to someone your age, but nonetheless it made me genuinely worry and care, and I truly believe you deserve happiness because I believe that I deserve it, and I used to be the same…

you're welcome, it's simply the truth.

thank you<br />
that is the nicest thing ive heard in a long time<br />
you have no clue how much this means to me

there are genuine people out there who care about you....please don't take this the wrong way, but it's not easy to read people....just as you detect "fakeness" so do they, your happiness is important to them. i wish i had a magic 8-ball that would show you what life would be like 5 yrs from now, it is wholly different and absolutely're on the precipice of it, a journey awaits you as long as you can conquer the doubts plaguing you now.