I Don't Get It....

Not so much I hate Myspace, but I hate what it has become to me. Its a place for my ex wife to continue to use the web to meet people, lie and deceive and there is little I can do about it. Akin to that bit in the Posiedon original where the passengers walk the wrong way into the ship and drown, I can't tell the world about what she is like to warn them off. Apart from this! :)
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2007

I can relate, I sometimes wish I could write on a billboard that somehow others that meet my ex would see and it would warn them. Then I realize that if people like and think he is a nice person instead of the way he is then it is their mistake and they need to learn a lesson that people aren't who they seem always. It is just too bad

Mate i just wanted to say i really do feel for you men who have been treated like crap from women. I know how hard is for you guys. My partners ex wife decided to divorse him and take the kids on the night his mother died. You men are not alone!

i understand i hate the fact that the guy i love keeps meeting these girls that take no pride in themselves .... and i want him to notice me again ... grrrrrr