Stupidity of Myspace

    Why does everyone like MySpace? I don't because on it all you do is make up what you are. No one uses it for anything useful. It is a waste of time and space. The fact that idiots need to boost their ego so badly that they have to make a stupid page of how stupid they are is foolish.
    Why should they get the right to put pictures of stupid crap on a website of their stupid exploits and brag about having "friends". These "friends" that just like what you make yourself look like or want to boost some stupid rep.
    MySpace is a useless site for the promotion of idiotic ideals and people.
Rememdium Rememdium
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10 Responses Feb 27, 2007

i agree. myspace suck.......

couldnt have put it any better myself

I agree, i had a myspace and deleted it! so many things have happened because of it! dumb people! people have gone to jail relationships have ended real street fights were ignited thru it, like come on how corny is this peoply argue back and fourth, it is straight wack! ALTHOUGH i do agree with some of you it is good to keep in touch with ones you love like my cousin who is a Sarg in the army and my cousins who live in italy and spain, since im in the U.S. i rarely talk with them, i also used to work in a recording studio and we used to network and get a lot of fan base thru it! but i hate it for the reason that some people use it for all the wrong reasons , a lot lies of lies and deception so i do not think it is " A PLACE FOR FRIENDS"!

I have a myspace and I use it took keep intouch with friends from school and some family memebers thats it. Maybe a couple bands but mostly I just like to keep up with everyone!

I hate myspace all my friends are my ex's and I kind of like facebook because all my friends there are family.<br />
<br />
Either way love my EP the best!

I have a MySpace page but am considering getting rid of it as I never use it anymore. However, it's up to individual people if they wish to have a MySpace page. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

Excuse me... Aren't we all anonymous here? Do you enjoy being anonymous more than telling people who you really are? I do. Just cut the crap and be honest about it.

My darling you exactley right, but try to remember those people live in their own hell. could you imagine creating a fake life that you want to live but cant live up to and having to try to keep up that image all the time. They really are living in their own hell.

i disagree. Yes it is a waste of time. But its almost like a telephone conversation about anything you want with a friend. I use it to comment my friends. And I dont make up what I am. I write about who I am and how I feel.

I think your problem is you need a bigger apartment and then you would have more space.