Never Wanted One

Myspace came out when I was in like middle school I think, and I purposely refused to get one because all the stupid ugly annoying ******* were all like "OMG MYSPACE!!" in their vile, disgusting squeaky-*** voices that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. But I degress...I had no friends back then anyway so if I were to get one it would've just been a disaster cause It would have just opened me up to even MORE bullying and riducule (if that was even possible). Ok I know this kind of sounds like a sob story but I promise I have a point! I'm just saying that theres really no need for sites like this. If we have facebook then we don't need myspace. I got a facebook when I graduated high school to stay in touch with some old friends, but it eventually spiraled out of control and i deleted it for about 3 months and then made a new one. I'm able to enjoy that stuff more now cause I don't get bullied and stuff all the time anymore :) Still, I'd say myspace is mostly for dumb stupid bimbo dipshits.
Ihatefatchicks Ihatefatchicks
22-25, F
Sep 10, 2012