" I Hate Myspace"

I hate myspace! I guess it is better intended for younger people anyways. My son talked me into creating a profile and I enjoyed it at first. Then I discovered how many rude and hateful people there are out there on the internet. I met this guy about my age that lived in my area. He put in a friends request and I accepted him. We chatted back and forth and basically just shared friendly conversation. We often sent each other comments. His that he sent me were more provocative in nature and mine honestly were just more cute and friendly. He was also on my cousins friends list and he chatted with her too. All of a sudden for some unapparent reason he deleted me from his friends and kept her. I never did anything to him and I just thought it was rude. He even had a blog posted on his page where he accused some other women of being hateful to him and how he had a big problem with this. He was not the only weirdo or bad experience I had with myspace so I just figured it wasn't for me!
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2 Responses May 17, 2007

My space is all about getting laid these days. My guess is the guy deleted you either A because you didnt want to be sexual with him or B because you werent acting sexual. Myspace is no place for a kid or anyone under 18 for that matter. ever since fox bought its been one of the worst websites I have ever been on.

OMG! Have you been in the chat rooms in there?!! I went in by "location". One was ranting about cops being stupid, and all the drugs these people were doing. And another room was sex, and two girls calling each other ultimate insulting names in a "typing" cat fight! It was ridiculous!!