Myspace Destroyed My Life

When i first heard about myspace, i wasn't really interested, being smart enough to know (even back then at the ripe old age of 15) that it was just a bunch of mindless people ******* in everbodies pockets about how great they are. However all my friends had myspace and it was all anybody talked about so i thought i better join. However, rather than just getting up to the usual, low key trouble that teenagers get up too, like having a few alcohlic drinks with friends and parents observations... we need to be more "extreme" just so we could post it on myspace the next day. This actually led to failing school, dropping out of tafe, and then worse...a drug habit spiraling out of control. Apart from setting myself up on a path of destruction my parents too found my myspace page and read every little secret and everything i had done. So in a short period of about 4 years of being a member of myspace, i failed school, failed tafe, ripped my family apart and developed a drug habit.

I didnt think. I didnt use my brain. And i wasn't living in reality. I do belive that this is the problem with todays youths. Alot of people think I'm strict or dont agree with what ALL teenagers get up to. And that is not it at all. For example...the p plate drivers that continousley drag race each other up and down a busy street. I admit if i did see this happening I'd drag the little ******* out of the car by his neck and give him what for. (Haha even though im 5 ft tall and skinny as a rake)  But the thing is that kid will think that i 'hate' all p platers or p platers that drag race. He'll think that when a cop tells him to stop or his parents. I think this is why kids think parents (or any other adult) are out to get them. We're not telling them to stop doing it...All anybody is saying, is to please think before you go drag racing, think about doing it where there are no people around to get hurt, think about your own safety, think about who is in the car to distract that will cause you to have accident. Just think! I dont know why it is so hard to use your brain.

The other thing is, myspace could probably be a good little site if it were used properly. In every aspect of life, (let me firstly say, that basically the world is divided into two breeds of people:the smart intelligent kind breed, and the dumb idiots) and these idiots ruin experiences for the rest of us. Because these idiots are more iterested with myspace and msn messenging and Utube then getting an education, i now can not log into any hotmail at tafe. I cannot afford the internet at home at the moment so it makes it really hard, especially with my profession (graphic designer) to do my job properly. They ruin all the little luxuries for us good people who do the right thing.

Anyway, a little of course but however, I do believe that creating this fake little world where you create what you WANT to be and not what you are will cause alot of problems later in life, such as social problems, not being able to tell the diference between reality and real life, problems that i went through...

On a better note, 2 years ago a very good friend of mine who is a teacher and could see my potential, saved me by offering me another spot in tafe. I seen this as a wake up call. i find no need to get "maggot" every weekend or to do drugs. Honestly people, im not a nerd, but life is so much better done honestly. Just do the right thing and you will notice a change. A good change.

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1 Response Aug 20, 2007

I do not feel sorry at all for the people who miss out on their dream job or any job for that matter because the first thing a boss does after an interview is look that person up in all these myspace site.