I Try Not to Be a Negative Person...

But MySpace brings it out in me. I hate it! Hate HATE HATE! It is filled with people that create awful layouts that are unreadable, and they are proud of them! And their bad choices of music that blare out on every single page, and you can't turn it off by default!

Dumb people there share photos of themselves doing dumb and illegal things, and are surprised when their parents or potential employers find them. Or law enforcement. And that is before the site was shamed into taking actions against the many registered child offenders on the site.

I am ashamed to admit I have an account there, but only because I have a few friends there that do use the site. Despite my efforts to convince them to find something better.
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4 Responses Feb 19, 2007

I don't get Myspace either. I'm more into Facebook.

GaurdianBlack-<br />
Have you tried to get your friends to join Facebook? I have accounts on both and I keep both profiles private. So only friends can read my info. I do think after using both that Facebook is the more "adult/grown-up" one. I am married w/3 kids, so I don't spend a lot of time roaming around. I am there mostly to keep in touch with my friends & family that are far away.<br />
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It's worth checking out anyway.

There have been many news articles about employers checking out potential employees on the site, and schools seeing what their students are saying. And some people are dumb enough to show themselves drinking while underaged, or doing drugs. Wired had a big story just a few months ago about how they found over 700 registered sex offenders on the site, and that was just by checking the person's name.<br />
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It it just a bad thing.