I Dunno Why.. I Just Do

I've had like 4 very nasty women(over 40 past sexual partners) throw themselves at me in the past couple of months and I've turned them all down with the quickness.  I dont know if its the fact that they might have STD's or I just dont wanna be a notch on the bedpost of some nasty, loose bologna like *****.  Dont get me wrong, I love sex and I'm not a prude, just dont care for loose ****** in the least bit.

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15 Responses Mar 6, 2009

My best friend can't even remember how many people he has slept with and yes he has had basically all the std's you can get, so ***** are bad news.

unless i was a prostitute there's no way i would have that many different men in one night. and any woman smelling that bad needs to be ashamed of herself. being a **** doesn't mean she should lack hygiene skills.

You say 7 guys in one night like it's a bad thing............

Billy Dean's sausage, or Oscar's sausage?

LMAO @ Wilmaaa!!

From where I stand, there's plenty of bologna to go around. The man ****** aren't any better. At least your women were straight-forward about wanting sex. The guys I meet lie about it because they know I won't have sex with them unless they pretend they want a long term relationship. It's all but made me give up on sex forever ...

And it's o s c a r, wilmaa.<br />
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there are slutty men too. i've turned down a few in the past because they had been around a little too much for my tastes. funny, my mom always said that men like trash but reading your story, i guess she wasn't entirely right on this one lol. smell the stench? now that is downright foul! a man that would crawl up in something smelling that bad is a desperate one.

Well, one of the chicks lives with a good friend of mine and when I'm over there chillin, I see 2 or 3 guys come and go from her room every time I'm over there.. and they're always different. Also, why in the hell would they lie and say something bad about themselves? if bein a **** and screwing 7 guys in one night was a good thing then I could understand they might lie but there's nothin good about it lol

Im going to toss a question out here: How do you know for sure they're not lying?

Whoa whoa whoa, Biiiiig misunderstanding of what I said tang lol :P I meant the women I turned down all had over 40 past guys.. one of them even had sex with 7 men in one night!! I've only had sex with 4 girls in my life lol, a girl who's been with 10 or less is completely fine with me and I would like her to be somewhat experienced.. but damn.. 7 men in one night is just toooooo much

Dude, did you just say you had 40 past lovers, and your girls can only have 10. Not fair. This is backwards mentality. The way a girl carries herself, presents herself, and cares for herself makes the difference between a **** and someone who knows how to express and share her sexuality. Confidence has a lot to do with that.

I agree wtih what danetty757 said!

thanks, I appreciate that :) but you could practically smell the stench comin from thier *****'s through thier clothes. I can only have sex with a woman who has had less than.. say.. 10 sexual partners maximum lol

i'm proud of you. not many guys are able to resist the temptation of having a girl throw themselves at them. i don't get why its importanat to some girls the amount of guys they've been with, it doesn't make them look good, it makes them look dirty. i'm proud to say that i'm 25 and can count on my hands how many people i've been with.