Worst Day Of The Year

I am currently living somewhere where I relate to no one. I have my parents but they are not ones for celebrating and tend to just watch the idiot box.  I have friends but they are miles away and transport costs an absolute bomb even if I did arrange to go down there and crash with them. On a night when the emphasis is on coming together and celebrating, nothing makes me feel more like a failure than New Year's Eve. On TV you are surrounded by footage of people having fun, being with mates and there I am cooped up in my room wishing for it to end. I often don't see the New Year in and instead decide to just sleep so that I think less about it.


Not only will this date in the calendar make me feel awful, the TV and radio will inevitably focus on nothing but countdowns from the previous year. God forbid I'd like to go somewhere for a distraction because public transport services are either erratic or non-existant. I'll have a load of craft things on hand to keep myself occupied but deep down, I'll always be wishing that I celebrated with my friends and actually did something.   I don't like getting drunk but I do love being with my mates and having a laugh. 

Cynanthrope Cynanthrope
26-30, F
Mar 2, 2010