Going To Movie Theaters Is My Pet Peeve

I went to see the movie Avengers yesterday. It was one of the best movies that combined Action, Suspense, and Humor. And not to mention some gorgeous superheros combined. But as usual, when you see a popular movie, it lures a large crowd. And even after just a week before it came out, the audience was full.

One of the reasons why I wait a long time to see a movie is due to the fact that I cannot stand the constant distractions around me. If a movie is fairly new next it's release date, I would like to wait at least three weeks, give everyone a chance to see it and then I'll go watch it with a lesser audience.

So here is what happened. My mom and I sat together in a very good spot. A woman sits next to me with pop corn and a box of candy. During the movie, I could hear her roll the candy out of the box numerous times. It was bad enough listening to her unwrapping the foil from around the box. Why do people eat during movies? I never understood that. It is very distracting and it's not even all that healthy. I am not a huge lover of popcorn and I don't really see all the hype about it. It barely has flavor and I hate those shell things that get stuck in your teeth or at the back of your throat.

There was a woman next to my mother who was eating popcorn out of the can like a big dirty pig. I mean her hands were scrambling in the bucket as loud as she could. My mother looked her way, astonished as to how this woman could not see she was being very distracting.

There were a few girls two rows above me who were engaging in a conversation for quite some time.

There were people who got up during the show

Non-stop coughing and sneezing. I felt like the air was getting more contaminated to breathe.

Ya know, we're on this Earth together as a species. But I think humans will NEVER ever understand how much of an annoyance they can be to one another whether it's trolls who do not have a life, bullying, the inconsiderate things that people do, or even just stuff that people do that they don't even realize affects someone else. I cannot stand going to movie theaters anymore. It used to be something I really liked. But now, becuase of others, I do not.
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May 14, 2012