Why Is Love So Complictaed?

what sucks is that i can't have a boyfriend. i don't see nothing wrong in having one!!! but my mom says im going to make a mistake and get pregnant!! but im not that type of girl. i think it would be easier if i could just have a boyfriend!! there is this one guy i really like and for a while i went out with him behind my parents back but they found out!! my mom really didnt get mad but then i didnt break up with him the second time. once again my mom found out and took my phone for about a month. That really sucked!!! plus my stupid stepdad went to talk to the guy and he embarresed me. he was practically yelling at my ex. but the problem is i still love this guy but i can't have a boyfriend. thats what makes me angry. i just see my parents as being overprotective!!!!
fernanda01 fernanda01
May 22, 2012