Beyond Nudity.

i don't know if this is the right group to post this story in because i'm not totally against nudity in itself. i've have seen many tasteful avatars that are nude or semi nude and have no problem with them. but when those avatars are taken down because they're a violation to ep yet avatars depicting *********** are left up, i have a real problem with that. give me butts and boobs and penises anyday over the image of a woman having sex with a dog. how can one be a violation and the other not?
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If you don't want to see nudity here, DON'T LOOK.

since i rarely come here anymore i don't care what's posted anymore. if people want to post pics of dogs, horses, etc screwing a woman, have at it freaks. btw, **** you and the horse you rode in on.

since i rarely come here anymore i don't care what's posted anymore. if people want to post pics of dogs, horses, etc screwing a woman, have at it freaks. btw, **** you and the horse you rode in on.

i totally agree.
nudity when its clean,
is acceptable

the thought of a woman getting it on with a dog is revolting enough so i sure as hell wouldn't want to see pictures of it. i'm with you 100 on this!

I m guessing here YOUR FAT!!!

first of all, stupid, the word is "you're" not "your". secondly i'm guessing that you're an ******* and a deviant one at that if you're cool with *********** and pictures depicting it. so step off, *****.

i'm guessing all your fat is in your head, hunter.

Totally agree that it's your right to post here. You will see that my avatar is semi nude. I do have nudes in my photos, but people would have to friend me to see them, so they aren't just posted for all to see.
I think that the removal of avatars is ad hoc. At one point I did have a frontal nude avatar, and that was removed. Yet others remain. It probably depends whether someone complains......

I agree fully!It is truly amazing what some people would allow, and what they haggle over.

thank you, hammer :) i don't think most people want to see avatars, pics, etc that take it to the bridge and beyond.

i've seen a couple and they were foul. good thing you missed them marji lol

thank you, HW. those avatars that go way beyond nudity aren't appropriate for ep.

pretty nauseating that they would keep that up forever but yank down a bare butt in record time.

Oh hell... that just made me throw up a little in my mouth.... yech

LOL! sorry, lea for messing things up for you. i'm surprised that trash stayed up as long as it did.

you should be very thankful you missed it, hstoner lol. seeing a dog penetrating a woman isn't my idea of arousing at all.

I'm fine with an avatar that makes it clear that the subject is nude, but I agree that we don't need genitalia in avatars. Thankfully, I missed the picture that was the initial subject of this thread.

especially *********** should be kept private, if kept at all lol. i'm not down with it but if others want to photograph that and display it, it should be kept further underground than harriette tubman was lol

personal albums would be the better choice, true.

I have no prob with people putting nudity in their personal pics... heck, some people NEED to do this... fine.... but right out there on their avis? No. I don't think we should be subjected to peop[le's bacon if we don't want to be.

lol. you don't wanna see a horse doing a woman? i agree that some discretion wouldn't hurt.

Well, yeah, between a va-jay-jay and a horse doing a woman of COURSE I would choose the bush.... but really, why do we have to choose? Avatars should be suitable for the tweens who are on this site too.

i won't argue with that saratoga, but if i had to choose between the two, give me the private parts. i think ep finally took down the avatar in had in mind or the account was deleted. either way, i'm not shedding any tears lol

I certainly agree that ********** has NO place here (sickos!) but I also disagree with private parts as avatars... come on people, as avatars??? NO. If you MUST have pics of yourself naked, put them in your photo section where people can CHOOSE to see them.

thanks :)

LOL! yeah, can you imagine what the grandkids would think? only someone jacked up would "do" a dog, let alone photograph it and post it for the world to see. i agree 100% that *********** is wrong. wrong and just too bizzare for me.

Why would anyone want to have a pic of them with a dog let alone use it as an avitar? One would think the chance of someone importiant seeing it is just about assured. I would hate to hear what they would say if down the road their grandkids came across it "Grannie why are you doing that dog?" how would they answer that? Never mind the fact that it is wrong.

true. stuff like that should be posted in one's private album to protect minors who are on here but i'd rather have a nude body thrusted at me over the image of people engaging in ***********. avatars like that should definitley be a violation and removed.

i guess i was thinking that in comparison to a woman having sex with a dog nudity is ok. you're right though, there are some nude avatars that are over the top.

Ep can't do everything. I read some posts that some people were really angry because ep sent them a warning email. those people are sick. An avatar of a naked body in a greek painting is ok, but I wouldn't want to see any xxx which is not at all beautiful.

yes, avatars showing crap like that are too much. i don't know how ep can find that ok but not pics of a naked body.


I totally agree. There are some things that just should not be allowed as an avatar.