I have been a nurse since 1978 and have seen it progressively downhill. It is not about pt. care but rather how much money can be made by the CEO's etc. I have woked in hospital, long term care and home care and have had enough. There's no decent jobs out there in nursing that aren't going to kill you and rob you of you're spirit and enjoyment of life. You are used and worked to death.I so much want to leave this horrible profession but like so many others, I have no other way of earning an income. I am anxious and depressed so much of the time and I'm sure if I could leave this profession I would feel a hell of a lot better.Any suggestions?
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Hopefully retirement and social security are right around the corner for you. Sounds like you've put in a lot of time.

This is Britain so I am not sure how this would work for you. Here in this country they are looking to overhaul the disability allowence system. I saw a job advertised here for a "disability assessor" which paid £32.000 a year which is equal to around $64.000. Anyhow, these firms look basically for someone to do the job 9 - 5.

Has to be an occupational therapist or qualified nurse or doctor. It involves going into peoples homes and assessing their level of disability. Also if you are a member of a union, they favour you as you have insurance cover. Look for jobs like this in your union magazines as they advertise in them to attract nurses who have union membership to cover themselves and obviously the firm employing you.

I have only just applied online so I'm not sure how it will pan out for me yet. I am trying to look at work which is physically easier as I would describe myself as a fit 52 year old with a 70 year old left leg!! Been out of nursing for a while, just got back in this past month and feel that the 12 hour shifts are way tooooo hard now. Its has to be this way or the night - grave yard shifts. Insurance companys also like to employ nurses for specific tasks like taking blood and assessing them for insurance purposes so look around and see whats out there. Good luck and don't give up. Get the union mags you have and Really read everything cause that is where you may find the jobs. Angie x

Plus look on the internet. Type in Disability Assessor and see what you get, may take you on to other similar stuff.

Hi Shari,
I graduated as RN in 78 to and you are seeing the same thing so many of us see. The quality of care has gone way downhill and the worst part is that managers if they are listening don't care. Also many of the RN staff where I work feel that they get no respect.( we used to ) from above or below. One RN co-worker , who's a fabulous , conscientious nurse is almost in tears most days she comes to work . Bottom line... you are not alone in how you feel .

I just failed one of my nursing classes last fall! I was to graduate that May. I cried all of December. I am set to return in August! But I am NOT! It was a sign bc I hate nursing!! Im going to breed bulldogs and go into business with my partner who is a photographer! I am a nanny now and make $2400 a month cash!! Im in love with nannying!! I wAnt kids, my health, my sanity! I want to follow my passions. I wont be happy as a rn and im so thankful I failed my ob class by 1 point!!! Thank you thank you thank you god:)

Rn for 22 years hospial, homecare and now long term care. Death , dying and wounds. No time to talk to patients, no time to think. Paperwork and more paperwork, To many patients to handle. Two kids in college, to tired to even think about finding another profession. I want to sell hotdogs on the beach. The hardest decision being mustard or relish? GOOD LUCK

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I've been doing med/surg for only 3 years and it's already zapped the life out of me. It's nothing that I had hoped it to be. I'm divorced, almost 40, and at this point don't have the energy to do school again. I admire you for doing it for so long. I picture myself doing it that long and I seriously think I would go insane.

Med Surg is a soul sucker. My medical career met it's end in M/S.

That sounds great and believe me I thought about that but there's no benefits involved right? Unfortunetly these days you either have to have some benefits or money to pay for them.I admire you for your courage.