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I am an RPN. I work in continuing care, rehab, palliative unit. I am not even full time and I HATE my job. I am sick of the whining patients who expect you to be there for them first, even though you have 9 other patients who want the exact same thing at the exact same time, family members who think their family member should be tended to first...... management who keeps cutting staff down 1 at a time, and doesn't even bother to do call in's when someone calls in sick. The list goes on and on, and I have read and feel exactly how most of you feel. It's the worst choice I have made in my life, and I have ONLY been working 4 years in this crappy field. I try and talk to my family about how much I hate it and they say "it can't be that bad!!" I try to explain to them how people whine, demand, curse and swear, spit punch and complain about us when we are trying our hardest, and they just can't believe that thats what is happening. They think I am just being a baby. I explain how my back is hurting and I am only 28, and the reasons why is because patients are so obese now and they expect you to turn them in bed on your own to change their diaper that they crapped in knowing fair well they had to go to the bathroom but were too lazy to ask for the bed pan. And now they push against me as I try and turn them by myself because there is only one other staff on the unit of 28 pt's because the other rpn is on her lunch break. I can't even express how much I hate this profession.... sad thing is I loved school and got the highest marks in my program. Another sad thing is is I have to "act" in front of the pt families and pt's when in reality I want to tell them to go to hell and f*** off..... sad thing is I have had pt families say "wow I can really tell you love your job"... maybe that's a sign for me to go into acting career because I hate it. I dread even thinking or seeing my work place, and it's not even the people I work with, they are great, and most work as a team, it's just the place in general, the patients and their families and the lack of time we have to do anything, it's pathetic.

I think we need to start suggesting jobs, career choices that have nothing to do with nursing to get our creative juices flowing and our minds thinking about what else we could do with our lives because I and a lot of others can't even get our minds away from nursing to even begin to think of another career choice to move towards. All I know is I NEED OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Try reading this book. It gives advice on how to use your nursing experience to transition into a completely different career.

How to Get Out of Nursing

by Melanie Nightingale

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Yup, I work in radiology and feel the same way and my family does not understand. GUess why? All of my friends and family work as IT techs, engineers, factories etc....not one of them works in patient care. They have NO idea of how much hard work we put into our daily job with short staff, lack of breaks and lunches, lot of over time, being screamed at by patients and their families and doctors, and taking call, picking up extra shifts,working weekends and holidays etc..I have had A LOT of patients and family ask me if I like my job etc and how can their kid get into it. I tell them not to do it unless they don't mind not having breaks or lunches, getting screamed at all of the time, cleaning up pee and poo and while the entire family is sitting down to a TG meal etc, you will be rolling that 400 pound patient onto the MRI table and straining your back. I think every radiology tech has a bad back because yes, you are right, the population is getting fatter and fatter and I have to sue slide boards and get the hoyer lift more then I care to. I should have listened to my highschool counselor who told me to get into computers , not nursing or patient care. However, I thought I wanted to help people. I thought it would be more rewarding. Some rewards: def not enough pay for what I go through on a daily basis and IM sure I will be crippled with back injuries well before its time to retire and Im sure I have MRSA. I hear all patient care works have that...so that will be fun when it decides to fester up. Oh yeah, what about the stupid flu shots they make you get every year? Putting yourself through a shot that can give you horrible side affects and the strains are so new and not tested for years so no telling what kind of crippling you will have from that crap in years to come as we have to get a shot EVERY year..BS on that!

I feel like crying because I can finally ackowledge my deep feelings, repressed so I don't get in trouble. I have never been as abused in my entire life of 51 years as I have in the field of nursing. There I am out of the closet.

Ahhh my thoughts exactly... You are young! You can do whatever you want to do!

I am so lost as to what I should do. Thank you for your encouragement!

What are your interests? We shall set goals and plan our futures! We can do it!!!

<p>Thank you for saying everything I have been thinking for 2 1/2 years. I just got home from working my third shift in a row, and I am going to a nurse recruitment event at another hospital this afternoon. I don't expect the work situation to be much different, but it will enable me to take classes for free and work towards getting out of this field!! I had a patient refuse to have me back after my first night because she thought I was a b****. I laughed when the charge nurse told me that and replied, "Well, she was b**** to me all night, and I didn't want her back either!" I had a 600+ lb 37 year old man who could barely walk. He had a MRSA infection in his trach and refused to cover his mouth when he coughed. At one point, I was knelt down taking a kerlex off his foot, and he coughed across my back. I almost vomited. He would settle back in the bari bed and then lift his arms up and ask can't we pull him up higher in the bed. I said, "Uh, no. We can't lift you." I honestly don't care if he was offended. It was f****** ridiculous. Dude, you wiegh as much as a motorcycle. No, we can't f****** lift you!!!</P>

I KNOW, they think we have some sort of power that we should be able to move them even though they weigh 5 times the amount we do. I know people cough all the time without covering their mouths like being in the hospital makes it OK to cough right in our faces. My one friend got peed on by a patient and he laughed... I couldn't believe it, I wanted to tell him to **** off, but you know we would be the ones to get in trouble, not him for ******* on her and then laughing. It's sad, working in this field has really made me not give two ***** about the human race anymore, which is sad... I mean obviously there are some pt's who are wonderful but unfortunately they make up the very few.

I have next week off, and you'll never guess what I will be doing, lol, looking for work in a totally different field. ugh

oh and it's so fun when pt's complain and fabricate stories and then get nurses in trouble and pulled into the office.... a friend of mine got stories fabricated about her and then was pulled in by management and accused of saying things she didn't..... the nursing staff have no rights, it's pathetic.

it's even more pathetic when your fellow nurses do this to you. A friend of mine at work has been going through **** with one of the nurses on day shift who believed the nonsense stories one of our frequent fliers spun her and reported my friend to our manager. She is the only nurse on our floor who can't seem to see through people's bullshit and recognize when they are being manipulative. Thankfully, our manager is pretty reasonable and basically told her to shove it. lol

I agree I have had a ostomy bag full of **** thrown at me and I did end up saying some not so very nice things to the patient but the other people that complained about this same pt acted so pissed that I told that a- hole off . Nursing has made me so angry and not like people anymore to the point that sometimes I have homocidal ideations

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Another thing, people who come into hospital have forgotten basic manners, the please and thank you..... and those things add up... I tell them the "H" does NOT stand for HOTEL, it stands for HOSPITAL.